A to inc.

About A to

A to Inc. Is hollistic organisation aiming to connect Canada and Japan through sports and education.
We are invovled in a variety of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, LaCross, Volleyball, Rugby as we as Sports Therapy & Medicine.
We offer a range of comprehensive support services for proffesional athelets, student athletes, coaches and kids!
If you are interested in any of the following please contact us and we will happily assist you to reach your goals!   info@ato.academy
  • Playing sports in Japan (any level)
  • Searching for a Professional Sport Career in Japan
  • Planning children sport camps in Japan
  • Coaching sports in Japan (any level)
  • Learning about Japanese Sports Medicine (ex. Shinkyu)

Thank you, Masato Takao; CEO

CEO: Masato Takao background
Playing Experience
Playing for Jef United Ichihara, youth team of an Japanese professional soccer team
Playing for Senshu University as player
Coaching Experience
Coaching for soccer school of Kawasaki Frontale, Japanese professional soccer team
MBA from Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)
Work experience:
Business section for Kawasaki Frontale, Japanese professional soccer team for 7 years.
Motivation in founding A to Academy

During his Master in Business Admin Degree in Canada, Masato began to play soccer for a local soccer team. Through the love of the game, Masato created many native english speaking friends and through spending time with them on and off the pitch he was able to improve his English immensely. Masato wanted to share his positive experience with other atheletes in Canada and Japan. With his new connections in the Canadian sporting community he began to introduce friends from Japan to Canada and vice versa which eventually has grown into A To Academy.